Ghufran KhirAllah

PhD in Sociolinguistics from the Autónoma University of Madrid and a Professor of Sociolinguistics at the Nebrija University. Her doctoral research is multidisciplinary, encompassing cultural diversity, European identity, minority rights in Europe, religious visibility, secularism, and (Islamic) feminism. Her novel research methodology CCDA (Cognitive Critical Discourse Analysis), joins Cognitive Linguistics and Critical Discourse Analysis to identify the mental frames around the hijab in public debates in the national Spanish and British press. Her expertise includes conceptual metaphors, mental frames, and public discourse on religious minorities. She is author of the book ‘Framing the Hijab in the European Mind’. She is currently studying for a diploma at Zaragoza University, specializing in ‘Religion and law in a democratic society: challenges of coexistence in a plural context’. She holds a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from the Complutense University of Madrid. She has participated in several research projects and is currently involved in the research project ‘La sociedad civil musulmana europea: Hacia nueva forma de pertenencia y participación política en Madrid, Londres y Paris’ at the UCM.