Beatriz Ranea Triviño

Beatriz Ranea Triviño is a postdoctoral researcher at the European Horizon 2020 Project UniSAFE in the Department of Political Science and Administration, Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, Complutense University of Madrid. She obtained her PhD in Sociology and Anthropology in 2019 at the Complutense University of Madrid. Her PhD research focused on the analysis of the construction of masculinity in relation to prostitution. Her research received the María Isidra de Guzmán Research Award given by the City Council of Alcalá de Henares and the University of Alcalá; and the second prize for the Ángeles Durán Award for Scientific Innovation in the Study of Women and Gender, given by the University Institute for Women’s Studies of the Autonomous University of Madrid. She completed the Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree in Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Hull and the University of Granada and she is professor in different postgraduate courses teaching subjects on Feminist Theory and Gender Studies. She is the author of the book “Disarm masculinity. Men in the era of feminism” (2021); has edited “Feminisms. Anthology of feminist texts for younger generations, and those who are not so young” (2019) and coordinated, together with Rosa Cobo, the “Brief Dictionary of Feminism” (2020).
She is currently working at the UniSAFE project focused on analyzing gender-based violence and institutional responses to it in academia in order to build a knowledge base and operational tools to make universities and research organizations safe. She also works as associate professor in the Department of Applied Sociology, teaching at the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the UCM.